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About Me

The Journey!


I  have always had a passion for healthful living, wellness, and a balanced lifestyle. My body butters journey began when I started making it for my family. I wanted something natural, without harsh chemicals, to use on our skin. Once my formulation was perfected, I soon gained a strong following as friends also began to enjoy the benefits of using my handmade, natural product. 

The journey!

Getting it Right!


Cocoa Charms® body butters are the result of years of research on the most beneficial ingredients. Having earned a degree in Biochemistry from the University of California at Davis, I understand on a cellular level how each ingredient works to nourish the skin. Great care was taken in order to achieve an optimal balance of ingredients and to ensure the creamy texture is 

just right!

Engrained Quality with Care!


With over 15 years of excellence working in a quality control laboratory environment, my experience has translated into the same focus on quality during the process of making each body butter batch. During the approximately 3-day process,  the best quality product is achieved at all times.  I have enjoyed the journey. I hope you enjoy my product, as each batch is made to order, 

with care!